Checklist for authors

✓ Have you noticed the SALAMANDRA regulations concerning publication fees and do you agree with these?

✓ Is the content of the manuscript covered by the journal scope?

✓ Has the English language been checked by a native speaker or professional?

✓ Have you suggested at least 3 potential and suitable reviewers for the peer-review process, which are not very close collaborators?

✓ Does the chosen text format agree with either the Major Article category or the Correspondence category as required by Salamandra?

✓ Has only one corresponding author been labelled?

✓ Do the key words provide additional information to the title, not a repetition of it?

✓ Are headings and subheadings properly indicated?

✓ Are all scientific species and genus names in italics, but no other words?

✓ Have large tables or extensive data been formatted and presented as supplementary files?

✓ Is all literature cited in the text listed in "References" and vice versa?

✓ Does the format of your reference list correspond with the style and standards you have identified from a current SALAMANDRA issue?

✓ Are collection numbers and localities of voucher specimens mentioned properly?

✓ Have necessary permits been mentioned and listed in acknowledgements?

✓ In case of taxonomic novelties or changes involved, has the work been pre-registered at ZooBank and the LSID been provided?

✓ Do figures appear in order 1, 2, 3, 4… throughout the text (not 1, 2, 4, 3…)?

✓ Is text within the figures and graphs large enough and still readable even when reduced to column width?

✓ Did you save all figures in the required minimum size and resolution (minimum 170 mm width at 300 dpi)?



 Provide a MS Word file of the manuscript in *.docx format

Use 1.5 lines spacing, Times, font size 12 pt

 Use 2.5 cm space at all margins

  Use British (preferred) or American English, but be consisten with one of the two options

  Do not use syllabifications

  Do not use double or more spacing between words and after sentences

  Do not capitalize first letters of words in title, headings and subheadings

  Use Small Captitals for authors' and person names – if you do not have an option for small capitals, use usual types only (NEVER use CAPITALS)

  Never use numbers or abbreviations in the beginning of a sentences: “Twenty”, not “20”; “Lacerta”, not “L.”.

  If you use special characters (e.g. from other languages) or symbols, these shall be indicated on the first manuscript page

  Do not use a comma between author(s) and year in citations, except when they are author(s) of a taxon

  Do not use academic titles (e.g. Dr., Prof.) in Acknowledgements

  At initial submission, do not submit figures as separate files, but include them in low resolution in the manuscript file

 In References, spell out full journal titles, no abbreviations please

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