German Journal of Herpetology

Ngo N. H., Q. T. Phan, V. C. Hoang, Q. H. Nguyen, R. L. Gewiss, Q. T. Nguyen, T. Ziegler & T. C. Pham

In Issues 2023

Do not leave understudied species behind: Ecological adaptations, demography, and threat analysis of an endemic Gekko species in northern Vietnam for conservation purposes. pp. 207-216.

Abstract. One of the major obstacles that limits the effectiveness of conservation efforts in many species is the lack of knowledge concerning their threat status. The recently described species, Gekko canhi, is a gecko endemic to northern Vietnam. As a range-restricted species being found only in limestone karst forests, it is imperilled by human impacts, including habitat degradation and climate change. In this study, we carried out fieldwork at the type locality in Huu Lien Nature Reserve of Lang Son Province to obtain data on the ecological requirements, population demography, and threats to the species. Gekko canhi is identified as a rock-adapted inhabitant of evergreen karst forests with high vegetation coverage, requiring stable microclimatic conditions and dry substrates. Population density proved to be very low, rendering the species vulnerable to ongoing anthropogenic impacts such as forest conversion and limestone mining. To protect it together with the co-existing fauna and flora in their unique karst forest habitats, we recommend reinforcing in situ conservation measures in concert with community education initiatives.

Key words. Squamata, Gekkonidae, Gekko canhi, human impacts, Huu Lien Nature Reserve, karst forest, population density, rock specialist.

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