German Journal of Herpetology

Volume 59 - 2023

 Issue 2


  • Böning, P., J. Virgo, S. Bleidissel, N. Dabbagh, L. Dalbeck, S. Ellwart, L. Feiler, V. Ferner, T. Fleck, L. Gemeinhardt, M. Guschal, G. Hansbauer, K. Kirst, T. Kordges, L. Kühnle, S. Neumann, A. Plewnia, K. Preissler, M. Schlüpmann, M. Schneider, R. Schreiber, J. Thein, R. Thielen, S. Twietmeyer, M. Veith, S. Lötters & M. Schweinsberg: Key questions about the impact of the salamander plague on the Northern Crested Newt, Triturus cristatus – a German perspective. pp. 107-116. [PDF]
  • Chen, K., R. Guo, L. Xia, Y. Mei, C. Chen & J. Yang: Genome survey and characterization of new microsatellite markers in Hynobius amjiensis (Caudata: Hynobiidae). pp. 117-124. [PDF]
  • Lalremsanga, H. T., L. Muansanga, M. Vabeiryureilai & Z. A. Mirza: A new species of Parachute Gecko of the subgenus Ptychozoon (Sauria: Gekkonidae: Gekko) from the Indo-Burma region. pp. 125-135. [PDF]
  • Winebarger, M. M., M. W. Pugh & L. Siefferman: Experimental evidence for conspicuous coloration as a predator deterrent in Yonahlossee salamanders (Caudata: Plethodontidae). pp. 136-142. [PDF]
  • Rödel, M.-O., F. S. Becker, B. Buiswalelo, W. Conradie & A. Channing: Re-evaluation of the status of Bufo vertebralis grindleyi and Bufo jordani (Anura: Bufonidae). pp. 143-157. [PDF]
  • Gehring, P.-S., M. D. Scherz, C. A. Bailey, E. E. Louis, F. M. Ratsoavina, F. Glaw & M. Vences: High diversity of deep mitochondrial lineages meets low morphological distinctiveness – insights into the complex phylogeography of the Malagasy leaf-tailed geckos Uroplatus sikorae and U. sameiti. 158-178. [PDF]
  • Oswald, P., L. Schulte, B. Tunnat & B. A. Caspers: Population monitoring of European fire salamanders (Salamandra salamandra) with a new photo-recognition software. pp. 179-197. [PDF]

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