German Journal of Herpetology

Volume 56 - 2020

 Issue 4


  • de Sá, F. P., M. L. Lyra & C. F. B. Haddad: The rediscovery of Hylodes regius: new information about a rare and microendemic Atlantic rainforest Torrent frog. pp. 285-295. [PDF]
  • Erickson, J., I. P. Farias & J. Zuanon: The life history of the Yellow-spotted Amazon River Turtle (Podocnemis unifilis) as told from the nests. pp. 296-308. [PDF]
  • Erickson, J., C. K. Fagundes, M. S. Magalhães, L. C. Dias, R. C. Vogt, I. P. Farias & J. Zuanon: Natural nests incubated in two different soil types lead to an overall balanced sex ratio in Podocnemis unifilis hatchlings on the lower Purus River, Brazil. pp. 309-316. [PDF]
  • Nokhbatolfoghahai, M., K. W. Conway, L. Atherton, P. B. Budha, M. J. Jowers & J. R. Downie: Larval description and developmental staging of Amolops tadpoles from Nepal, including ultrastructure of the oral disc and sucker. pp. 317-328. [PDF]
  • Entiauspe-Neto, O. M., C. Koch, T. B. Guedes & A. Tiutenko: Revisiting the taxonomic status of Apostolepis sanctaeritae, a forgotten Neotropical dipsadid snake. pp. 329-341. [PDF]
  • Glaw, F., D. Prötzel, F. Eckhardt, N. A. Raharinoro, R. N. Ravelojaona, T. Glaw, K. Glaw, J. Forster & M. Vences: Rediscovery, conservation status and genetic relationships of the Malagasy chameleon Furcifer voeltzkowi. pp. 342-354. [PDF]
  • Denzer, W., H. Cogger & W. Böhme: Lacerta varia – and then there were four: multiple use of the same species name for various lizards (Squamata: Lacertidae, Teiidae, Varanidae). pp. 355-361. [PDF]
  • Attia El Hili, R., O. Verneau, J. Jrijer, M. S. Achouri: Reassessment of distribution and conservation status of freshwater turtles (Testudines) in Tunisia. pp. 362-372. [PDF]
  • Henle, K. & A. Grimm-Seyfarth: Exceptional occurrences of double, triple and quintuple tails in an Australian lizard community, with a review of supernumerary tails in natural populations of reptiles. pp. 373-391. [PDF]


  • Pacheco-Suarez, M.: New evidence for the presence of Atelopus tricolor (Anura: Bufonidae) in the montane forests of Bolivia, 16 years after its last observation. pp. 392-394. [PDF]
  • Jiménez-Bolaño, J. D., A. C. Montes-Correa, F. Leonhardt & J. M. Renjifo: Advertisement call of Pratt’s rocket frog, Colostethus pratti, from the western Andes of Colombia (Anura: Dendrobatidae). pp. 395-400. [PDF]
  • Bovolon, J. P., C. Zornosa-Torres, G. Augusto-Alves, A. P. Almeida, J. L. Gasparini & L. F. Toledo: Advertisement calls of two species of the Sphaenorhynchus platycephalus group and the aggressive call of S. bromelicola (Anura: Hylidae: Scinaxinae). pp. 401-404. [PDF]
  • Medeiros-da-Silva, W., P. F. Araújo, R. C. França, I. M. M. C. Carvalho & F. G. R. França: Use of the spool-and-line technique for studying microhabitat selection and daily movement of snakes in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. pp. 405-410. [PDF]
  • Asad, S., A. Wilting, J. Siku & M.-O. Rödel: Possible spatial separation at macro-habitat scales between two congeneric Psammodynastes species, including observations of fishing behaviour in Psammodynastes pictus. pp. 411-415. [PDF]

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