German Journal of Herpetology

Volume 58 - 2022

 Issue 4



  • Tiutenko, A., C. Koch, M. Pabijan & O. Zinenko: Generic affinities of African house snakes revised: a new genus for Boodon erlangeri (Serpentes: Elapoidea: Lamprophiidae: Lamprophiinae). pp. 235-262.  [PDF]
  • Prieto-Ramírez, A. M., D. Rödder & K. Henle: Effects of habitat loss on tick load in central populations of the Eastern Green Lizard Lacerta viridis and its relationship with body condition and population density. pp. 263-274. [PDF]
  • Vences, M., V. Schulz, L. Heldt, F. Kamprad, K. Ruthsatz, K. Preißler, M. Müsken & S. Steinfartz: Comparative abundance of cutaneous bacteria in Central European amphibians. pp. 275-288. [PDF]
  • Díaz-Marín,C. A., A. Lozano & A. Ramírez-Bautista: Life history variation in four populations of the Graphic Spiny Lizard, Sceloporus grammicus (Squamata: Phrynosomatidae), in central Mexico. pp. 289-301. [PDF]
  • Schmitz, L. M., V. F. Clement, P. Ginal & D. Rödder: Spatiotemporal patterns of habitat use by the Sand Lizard, Lacerta agilis: effects of climatic seasonality? pp. 302-316. [PDF]


  • Pagano, A., O. S. Daf, A. Ballouche, A. N. Taïbi & U. Sinsch: Amphibian diversity in Mauritania: a bioacoustics survey in the Diawling National Park. pp. 317-322. [PDF]

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