German Journal of Herpetology

Volume 57 - 2021

 Issue 2


  • Castillo-Urbina, E., F. Glaw, C. Aguilar-Puntriano, M. Vences & J. Köhler: Genetic and morphological evidence reveal another new toad of the Rhinella festae species group (Anura: Bufonidae) from the Cordillera Azul in central Peru. pp. 181-195. [PDF]
  • Entiauspe-Neto, O. M., A. D. Abegg, C. Koch, L. P. Nuñez, W. S. Azevedo, L. J. C. L. Moraes, A. Tiutenko, T. S. Bialves & D. Loebmann: A new species of Erythrolamprus (Serpentes: Dipsadidae: Xenodontini) from the savannas of northern South America. pp. 196-218. [PDF]
  • Biakzuala, L., J. Purkayastha, Y. Singh Rathee & H. T. Lalremsanga: New data on the distribution, morphology, and molecular systematics of two venomous snakes, Bungarus niger and Bungarus lividus (Serpentes: Elapidae), from north-east India. pp. 219-228. [PDF]
  • Hurtado Gómez, J. P., M. Vargas Ramírez, F. J. Ruiz Gómez, A. Fouqet & U. Fritz: Multilocus phylogeny clarifies relationships and diversity within the Micrurus lemniscatus complex (Serpentes: Elapidae). pp. 229-239. [PDF]
  • Bendami, S. & M. Znari: Estimating food and water intakes by the herbivorous Moroccan Uromastyx nigriventris using a calibrated faecal output method and microhistological analyses. pp. 240-250. [PDF]
  • Asad, S., J. Sikui, B. Binjamin & M.-O. Rödel: Natural history of three freshwater turtle species within two logging reserves in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. pp. 251-262. [PDF]
  • Koziel, G., A. S’khifa, S. Kirchhof, A. MacLeod, U. Joger, B. Sinervo, M. A. Carretero, T. Slimani & M. Vences: Inference of lizard preferred temperatures differs substantially among experimental methods. pp. 263-273. [PDF]
  • Vittorazzi, S. E., G. Augusto-Alves, D. Neves-da-Silva, A. M. P. T. de Carvalho-e-Silva, S. M. Recco-Pimentel, L. F. Toledo, L. B. Lourenço & D. P. Bruschi: Paraphyly in the giant torrent-frogs (Anura: Hylodidae: Megaelosia) and the description of a new genus. pp. 274-284. [PDF]


  • Ahnelt, H., T. Romanova, A. Klinge, W. Böhme, U. Fritz & M. Asztalos: The common grass snake (Natrix natrix) on Sylt: human-mediated colonization of a North Sea island. pp. 285-290. [PDF]
  • Sinsch, U. & C. Aguilar-Puntriano: Growth trajectory of the world’s largest aquatic frog (Telmatobius macrostomus): skeletochronological analysis of digit growth marks. pp. 291-294. [PDF]

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