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New Mertensiella now available

Mertensiella Volume 18: The Dice Snake, Natrix tessellata: Biology, Distribution and Conservation of a Palaearctic Species

Editor: Konrad Mebert

The dice snake is an evolutionary very successful snake, one of the few snake species that colonized three continents, ranging from Switzerland and Germany in central Europe to Egypt in Africa, and as far east as Xinjiang province in China. It has conquered a huge variety of habitats, from oases in deserts of Jordan, Syria and Iran, to marine habitats in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, from below sea level in the Caspian Sea to mountainous valleys as high as 2800 m, and from remote sites in the steppes of central Asia to thriving populations in busy cities such as Prague and Bucharest. Yet, the knowledge of this piscivorous and very prolific semi-aquatic snake is relatively marginal. This volume of the Mertensiella series represents the status quo of knowledge about the biology, distribution, and conservation of this versatile snake species by compiling a total of 57 articles and one DVD, involving more than 122 co-/authors, with contributions from more than 22 countries, while touching 14 additional countries in summary articles. The compendium is lavishly pictured to provide a good impression of the diversity of habitats and snakes from many countries.

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