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Volume 50 - 2014

Issue 1


  • Wagner, P., E. Greenbaum, P. Malonza & B. Branch: Resolving sky island speciation in populations of East African Adolfus alleni (Sauria, Lacertidae). pp. 1-17. [PDF]
  • Hyde Roberts, S. & C. Daly: A rapid herpetofaunal assessment of Nosy Komba Island, northwestern Madagascar, with new locality records for seventeen species. pp. 18-26. [PDF]
  • Martins, A., R. Pontes, C. Mattedi, J. Fratani, R. A. Murta-Fonseca, L. Ramos & A. L. R. Brandão: Anuran community of a coastal Atlantic Forest fragment in the state of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil. pp. 27-39. [PDF]
  • Bonke, R., F. Ihlow, W. Böhme & D. Rödder: Movement patterns of Tomistoma schlegelii in the Sekonyer Kanan River (Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia): preliminary range size estimates. pp. 40-52. [PDF]


  • Nali, R. C., J. Faivovich & C. P. A. Prado: The occurrence of unpigmented mature oocytes in Hypsiboas (Anura: Hylidae). pp. 53-56. [PDF]
  • Ernst, R., S. Böhm, M. Hölting & T. Konrad: Whipped cream cravings in the rainforest: predation of foam nests of Physalaemus ephippifer (Anura: Leptodactylidae) by Platemys platycephala (Testudines: Chelidae) in central Guyana. pp. 57-62. [PDF]