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Volume 52 - 2016

Issue 3


  • Walker, M., J. L. Gasparini & C. F. B. Haddad: A new polymorphic species of egg-brooding frog of the genus Fritziana from southeastern Brazil (Anura: Hemiphractidae). pp. 221-229. [PDF]
  • Parvaresh, Z., N. Seddighi, F. Roushenas, S. Rahimi, E. Hasani, Z. Mossadeghi & M. Nokhbatolfoghahai: Reproductive strategy and embryonic development of Bufotes surdus annulatus in Iran. pp. 230-242. [PDF]
  • Escoriza, D., J. Ben Hassine & D. Boix: Niche conservatism determines the occurrence of allopatric populations of Hyla meridionalis in different biogeographical scenarios. pp. 243-254 plus Supplementary information. [PDF]
  • Mebs, D., M. Yotsu-Yamashita, J. Ream, B. K. Zajac & R. Zehner: Tetrodotoxin concentrations in rough-skinned newts, Taricha granulosa, from populations of their northern distribution range. pp. 255-260. [PDF]
  • Zhao, L., Y. J. Chen, S. L. Lou, Y. Huang, R. Jehle & W. B. Liao: Reciprocal sexual size dimorphism and Rensch’s rule in toad-headed lizards, Phrynocephalus vlangalii. pp. 261-268 plus Supplementary information. [PDF]
  • Silva-Rocha, I., P. Sá-Sousa, B. Fariña & M. A. Carretero: Molecular analysis confirms Madeira as source for insular and continental introduced populations of Teira dugesii (Sauria: Lacertidae). pp. 269-272. [PDF]
  • Hofmann, S., P. Fritzsche & G. Miehe: A new record of Elaphe dione from high altitude in Western Sichuan reveals high intraspecific differentiation. pp. 273-277 plus Supplementary information. [PDF]
  • Moura, C. C. M., R. M. L. Neves, P. H. A. Silva, B. P. T. Quinto & G. J. B. Moura: The anuran fauna of a semi-arid Caatinga area in northeastern Brazil. pp. 278-282. [PDF]