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Volume 51 - 2015

Issue 3


  • Palacios, C., C. Urrutia, N. Knapp, M. F. Franch Quintana, A. Bertolero, G. Simon, L. du Preez & O. Verneau: Demographic structure and genetic diversity of Mauremys leprosa in its northern range reveal new populations and a mixed origin. pp. 221-230 + Supplementary Information. [PDF]
  • Farke, C. M. & C. Distler: Ontogeny and abnormalities of the tortoise carapace: a computer tomography and dissection study. pp. 231-244. [PDF]
  • Straub, C., F. Pichlmüller & V. Helfer: Population genetics of fire salamanders in a pre-Alpine urbanized area (Salzburg, Austria). pp. 245-251. [PDF]


  • Thomas, A. & S. D. Biju: Tadpole consumption is a direct threat to the endangered purple frog, Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis. pp. 252-258. [PDF]
  • Teixeira, R. L., R. B. Ferreira, T. Silva-Soares, M. M. Mageski, W. Pertel, D. Rödder, E. Hoffman de Barros & J. O. Engler: Anuran community of a cocoa agroecosystem in southeastern Brazil. pp. 259-262.[PDF]
  • Quinzio, S. & J. Goldberg: Intradermal infections by chigger mites (Hannemania spp.) in the Andean frog Telmatobius atacamensis (Anura, Telmatobiidae). pp. 263-268. [PDF]
  • Missassi, A. F. R., J. C. L. Costa & A. L. C. Prudente: Range extension of the Chocoan blunt-headed vine snake: Imantodes chocoensis (Serpentes: Dipsadidae) in northwestern Colombia. pp. 269-272. [PDF]
  • Erickson, J. & I. L. Kaefer: Multiple leucism in a nest of the yellow-spotted Amazon River turtle, Podocnemis unifilis. pp. 273-276. [PDF]
  • Fritz, U., T. Mazuch, A. Petzold & H. Prokop: Coloration and pattern of hatchlings of six Pelomedusa species. pp. 277-282. [PDF]