German Journal of Herpetology

Volume 54 - 2018

 Issue 3


  • Glaw, F., M. D. Scherz, D. Prötzel & M. Vences: Eye and webbing colouration as predictors of specific distinctness: a genetically isolated new treefrog species of the Boophis albilabris group from the Masoala peninsula, northeastern Madagascar. pp. 163-177 plus Supplementary Material. [PDF]
  • Cocca, W., G. M. Rosa, F. Andreone, G. Aprea, P. E. Bergò, F. Mattioli, V. Mercurio, J. E. Randrianirina, D. Rosado, M. Vences & A. Crottini: The herpetofauna (Amphibia, Crocodylia, Squamata, Testudines) of the Isalo Massif, Southwest Madagascar: combining morphological, molecular and museum data. pp. 178-200 plus Supplementary Material. [PDF]
  • Grözinger, F., H. Feldhaar, J. Thein & M.-O. Rödel: Testing the impact of environmental conditions and matriline on tadpole developmental traits in the European Common Frog, Rana temporaria, in the field. pp. 201-209 plus Supplementary Material. [PDF]
  • Sinsch, U., J. Kaschek & J. Wiebe: Heavy metacercariae infestation (Parastrigea robusta) promotes the decline of a smooth newt population (Lissotriton vulgaris). pp. 210-221. [PDF]
  • Schäfer, A. M., F. Schäfer, T. Wagner & U. Sinsch: Carabid predation on Bombina variegata metamorphs: size at and timing of metamorphosis matter. pp. 222-228. [PDF]


  • Lyra, M. L. & M. Vences: Preliminary assessment of mitochondrial variation in the insular endemic, biogeographically enigmatic Noronha skink, Trachylepis atlantica (Squamata: Scincidae). pp. 229-232. [PDF]
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