German Journal of Herpetology

Volume 55 - 2019

 Issue 3


  • Amat, F.: Patterns and allometries of sexual size dimorphism in salamanders and the rejection of Rensch’s Rule. pp. 145-150. [PDF]
  • Glos, J., A. Metzner, C. Schmidtke & M.-O. Rödel: The mating system of the reed frog Heterixalus tricolor (Anura: Hyperoliidae) from western Madagascar’s dry forests. pp. 151-159. [PDF]
  • Ramírez-Hernández, G., I. Suazo-Ortuño, J. Alvarado-Díaz, L. H. Escalera-Vázquez, Y. Maldonado-López & D. Tafolla-Venegas: Effects of habitat disturbance on parasite infection and stress of the endangered Mexican stream salamander Ambystoma ordinarium. pp. 160-172. [PDF]
  • Petrosyan V., F. Osipov, V. Bobrov, N. Dergunova, E. Nazarenko, A. Omelchenko, F. Danielyan & M. Arakelyan: Analysis of geographical distribution of the parthenogenetic rock lizard Darevskia armeniaca and its parental species (D. mixtaD. valentini) based on ecological modelling. pp. 173-190. [PDF]
  • Vences, M., R. G. B. Perl, K. Giesen, R. Schluckebier, K. Simon, E. Schmidt, S. Steinfartz & T. Ziegler: Development of new microsatellite markers for the Green Toad, Bufotes viridis, to assess population structure at its northwestern range boundary in Germany. pp. 191-198. [PDF]
  • Hama, F. L., D. Karaica, C. Dyc, A. S. Ould Bilal, M. M. Wagne, O. Y. Bâ, W. Mullié & J. Fretey: Sea turtle stranding events along the Mauritanian coast. pp. 199-210.  [PDF]
  • Mohan, A. V., P.-S. Gehring, M. D. Scherz, F. Glaw, F. M. Ratsoavina & M. Vences: Comparative phylogeography and patterns of deep genetic differentiation of two gecko species, Paroedura gracilis and Phelsuma guttata, across north-eastern Madagascar. pp. 211-220. [PDF]
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